“What a delight to see and hear a talented and polished singer perform” , “a very pleasant and often thoughtful voice” , “Broverman has studied and mastered the art of singing”
Ron Forman, from the review “Sam Broverman At The Metropolitan Room”, reviewing the May 29, 2012 cabaret show. The full review at can be found at
BroadwayShowBiz Review . Ron Forman is the on-air host of the jazz radio show “Sweet Sounds” heard on WKRB 90.3 FM in New York.

“You have a very pleasing vocal quality and I especially like the ballads on your record.”
Russ Titelman – Grammy award winning producer of albums by Steve Winwood, Eric   Clapton, Randy Newman, James Taylor, Gregg Allman Band, Paul Simon, Rickie Lee Jones, Rufus and Chaka Khan, George Harrison, etc

“a largely satisfying 12-track album” , “exuberant and excited”
“I get a kick out of brash, buoyant Broverman” , “His sound is vibrant”
“pure joy” “Bravo, Broverman!”
Rob Lester –
Link to the full review: Talkinbroadway Review (3rd review on the page)

“Broverman’s vocals are particularly good …”
“Broverman really connects emotionally with the lyrics, and vocally he’s spot on.”
“Broverman shows he can be romantic, soothing and warm through his hushed and sometimes breathy tones”
Harold Sanditen, Cabaret Scenes, October 2011
Link to the full review: Cabaret Scenes Review

” lovely and evocative”
“he swings like the best of them”
“Broverman sings it with just the right amount of sweetness, yearning and poignancy”
Sharna Searle, Wholenote, Nov-Dec 2011
Link to full review: Wholenote Review

“The CD is fabulous …   I love what you did…   You’ve got a fan in me …”
Len Triola – NY Based Promoter

“Excellent album on every level, from the packaging design, to the song selections, arrangements, musicians, and most importantly your sweet, swinging vocals. It’s one of the best things I’ve heard in a long, long time. There is so much imagination and care evident in every aspect of this production. You should be so proud of this, and if this gets into the right hands (which it must), it should bring you much richly-deserved acclaim. Can’t stop listening to it. “
Alex Rybeck – Broadway Pianist, accompanist for Ann and Elizabeth Callaway

“I am enjoying it very much. You sound great and the arrangements are 1st rate.”
Tex Arnold – Pianist and arranger for Margaret Whiting

“Sam’s “DREAM MAKER” IS A WINNER ALL THE WAY.  I really like the soloists on the selections…trumpet, harmonica, guitar, etc., instead of the regular Sax solos on every cut. Sam does a beautiful job singing Johnny Mercer….and I am sure Johnny is smiling somewhere about this CD.   Sam didn’t copy Johnny he interpreted Mercer’s songs in his own style and that’s what I like. And the band that is backing him up is fabulous.  The arrangements are fantastic.  The musicians are top flight.”
Jim Stone – Host of “Big Band Swing” on Mint City Radio

“The CD sounds great – you and Ken did a fantastic job – congrats!”
“I Thought About You” is a killer.”
Jamyz Bee – On-air radio host, JAZZ FM 91.1 Toronto

“A wonderful recording.”
Rob Fogle – On-air radio host, CHRY 105.5, Toronto”

“Excellent job.”
Frank Proctor – AM 740, Toronto

“Congratulations on your excellent CD!”
Ron Paley – Band Leader, composer and arranger, Winnipeg

“I really love your CD.”
John Bohannon – On-air radio host, WRHU 88.7, New York

A Brief Review of “Sam Broverman (ASA, Ph.D.) Sings Johnny Mercer”
Dr. Sam Broverman’s album recently caught my attention and I couldn’t wait to download and hear how an Actuarial Science professor’s first jazz album would surprise and amaze me. Dr. Broverman’s album is a lot of fun to listen to. The energy and spontaneity he brings to “Goody, Goody” and “In the Cool, Cool, Cool of the Evening” channel his best Louis Prima. “Trav’lin’ Light” is a thoughtful, Johnny Hartman-like number. “Laura” has Tony Bennett-ish depth that will give you chills. And, yes, I’m even going to invoke Sinatra here: “Day In, Day Out” has wonderful Chairman of the Board-like tempo that shows who clearly is in charge of this album. My favorite cut on the album is “Accentuate the Positive”. I wonder which one is Dr. Broverman’s? The arrangements here very nicely supplement the real star: Broverman’s talented, youthful voice.
I so look forward to hearing Dr. Broverman’s next album!
Claude Penland